Training Programme for Chief Information Officers Batch 2022 is scheduled from July 4th - 16th 2022.  
Subject Presented by
Cyber Surakshak - Social Engineering Crimes Shri Anil Rachamalla
Cyber Suraksha - OSINT - Basic Searches Shri Anil Rachamalla
Digital Transformation Challenges and opportunities Sri J Satyanarayana
Cyber Security Dr. Sriram Birudavolu
Quality Management & Risk Management in e-Gov Projects Sri J Satyanarayana
Procurement for e-Governance projects Shri Agastya Yechuri
Fire-Risk-Zonation Dr. A.Rama Murthy
Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System Dr. A.Rama Murthy
Alignment of cost effective paths in forest areas Dr. A.Rama Murthy
Vana SRI Dr. A.Rama Murthy
Digital Agriculture in Telangana Smt. Rajani V
Conceptualization and Estimation of e Governance Project DPR Sri Chaitanya chava
mee seva  
Crowd Monitoring and Management Application using AI Sri P.Srinivas
ESD presentation Sri P.Srinivas
People and Organizational change 3.0 Dr. A K Srinivas
mGovernance Sri Lokesh Jella
Government Process Reengineering – Finance Department K Ramakrishna Rao, IAS
Data Analytics Smt. Annapurna
Comprehensive Registration of Pesticides (CROP) Smt. Rajani V
Understanding GPR for e-Gov Projects Sri R. Chakradhar
Understanding GPR (Government Process Reengineering) for eGov Projects Sri R. Chakradhar
Telangana ET Initiatives - CIO 2.0 Smt. Rama Devi Lanka
Business Models & PPP Sri Chaitanya chava
Failures of PPP  
Leveraging PPPs for smart city infrastructure  
Role of PPPs in Indian Smart City Mission Sri Kumar V Pratap
Successes and Failures in GPR  
Personal Data Protection Bill, 2018 Dr. Srinivas Josyula
NDSAP - GoI Dr. Srinivas Josyula
National Data Governance Framework Policy Dr. Srinivas Josyula
Law Governanceand Compliance Dr. Srinivas Josyula
Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Dr. Srinivas Josyula
Guidelines for Strategic Control in Outsorced Projects Dr. Srinivas Josyula
Guidelines for Procurement of Cloud Services Dr. Srinivas Josyula
E Security Assurance Framework Dr. Srinivas Josyula
Approved Social Media Framework and Guidelines Dr. Srinivas Josyula
Application_Development_Re-Engineering_Guidelines Dr. Srinivas Josyula
Cloud Computing Narayana Birakayala
Introduction to E- Gov Project Costing Dr. Srinivas Josyula
Entity Relationship Model Sri V. Venkata Rao
Business Process ReDesign Sri V. Venkata Rao
Software Process Models Sri V. Venkata Rao
Lessons from E Government Projects Sri Harpreet Singh, IAS
Course Briefing Smt. Sridevi Ayaluri