Alumna/Alumnus of the Month - January 2021

                                        Alumna of the Month - Jan 2021

Ankita Sharma, IPS

(Alumna of 93rd FC batch of 2018)

Indian Police Service 2018 Batch allocated to Chhattisgarh Cadre
Current Posting - City Superintendent of Police Azaad Chowk, Raipur
Hometown - Durg
Home State - Chhattisgarh
Education - 1.Post Graduation : MBA Finance & HRM (Gold Medalist), Shri Shankaracharya College, Bhilai, CSVT University in 2012
2. Graduation: B.Com, St. Thomas College, Bhilai, in 2010
Previous Posting - IPS (P) Balodabazar- Bhatapara, C.G

About Me

Warm greetings to everyone present here reading this little writeup of mine. I believe I'm too young in the service to be sharing my experiences and accomplishments if you may call it that, but yes, it gives me immense joy to share my thoughts with you through this platform.

My initial posting as SHO Bhatapara, I suppose was a turning point in my career. My SP give me a free hand to experiment with new ideas of controlling crime. I would like to thank my team of dedicated Constables who stood beside me through thick and thin.

I take immense pride in the fact that our PS alone could cut cut down illicit liquor coming from other states. We seized approximately 47,000 bottles of liquor in various raids in a short span of three months which is the highest as till date per the state records.

I always believed happy constables make a happy police force. During my tenure as the SHO, to keep their spirits high and to encourage them we had made a badminton court in the police station to raise their morale, motivation and to enrich the notion of espirit de corps. To my happiness this court is still functional in the police station. This initiative of mine added to their confidence in me and also helped the staff focus on their self development physical fitness and happiness quotient.

Balodabazar was a lovely tenure for me, it taught me the finer nuances of policing. All of us right from the staff, public, juniors and seniors were forged into one family. Somebody in my army attachment said this to me "Madam if a constable cries during your farewell, always remember you have excelled" on the day of my farewell when that happened I felt I had done something right.

Coming back from phase 2 training we got our postings. I'm now posted as CSP Azad Chowk. Raipur is considered one of the best postings when it comes to learning. I had initial inhibitions as to how I'm going to perform but then I reiterated to myself if you're going to eat an elephant you do it bit by bit, one mouthful at a time .

Raipur is full of experiences and spices of urban policing, every day is a new experience in urban policing.The first big breakthrough that I got was a drug case. Raipur’s youth was getting addicted to narcotic substances such as cocaine and MDMA. We launched “Operation Clean” against drugs and we were successful eliminating the drug racket that had taken Raipur in it’s clutches for at least four years. We caught foreign nationals (Nigerians) from Mumbai who were involved in the illicit drug peddling racket. This is one of the best cases that I managed to crack. This had a huge impact on the criminals the youth and the society in general. Till date, we have arrested 18 people most of them big shots in three different FIRs leading to breaking the spine of this high-profile network.

On the other hand we launched a campaign “Sambhaw Ha” to help the youth come out of drugs and to sensitise the children and families to go against any kind of drugs. We did this with the help of “Friends of Police” who operated with us in giving life to this initiative.

Another distinct idea which came up was “Khaki Eyes” this is an initiative that tries to take the police to the public instead of the other way around. This humble attempt at proactive policing is quite successful and popular in the city. Khaki Eyes is an initiative for the general public which basically involves the use of an application to build a police public interface. Any person who is going out of station and has locked his/her house can inform the police about the duration for which they will be away, their address is then included in the police’s patrolling party’s route to keep a check on any suspicious activities. This has brought down the number of thefts and housebreaking incidents.

On the personal front, I started an initiative to teach and help students preparing for UPSC. All of us still remember the difficulties that we used to face and the regret of missing out by .25 or .33 marks. Chhattisgarh, at least in so far as competitive exams are concerned, lacks the facilities that are needed to help a person easily crack the exam. I thought if I can be one medium of helping the students as to what to do and what to not do, I’d be a happy person. I take two hours off my schedule every Sunday for our future bureaucrats.

- Ankita Sharma

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